E CH GI CH MA CH Starbelle Splendid Style
(Ch Evad Sommer Shadow - Ch Starbelle Sign Of Silk)
born 2008

dam of  Starbelle Sunrider (Res.CAC)  and Ch Ekkällans Gracie Lou

She now lives in the Canary Islands with Nina Glader






10 w 2008


Ch Evad Sommer Shadow
Sommerville Smithson Ch Crisanbee Goldsmith at Myriehewe
Thorntonhall Thoughts with Sommerville
Evad Cream Peach Ch Milesend Stormwarden
Evad Cream Eclair
Ch Starbelle Sign Of Silk Ch Stornaway Sawney Bean Ch Milesend Dancing Major
Stornaway Sunshine
Ch Starbelle Sweet Swan Ch Bermarks Upside Down
Ch Starbelle Seldom Silent